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Space planning is more than a test to see how much can be accommodated (although this is an important step we call 'max packing') It is about understanding your requirements and proving you with spaces and settings to support your needs.  Forming spatial relationships and producing practical paths for people to journey through and connect with your space.


Interior Design is much more than plumping cushions.  It has the ability to set the tone for the success of your space.  Brand integration is just one element in this design process, understanding your brand and brand message is key to determining the look and feel for your new or refurbished space. Law firm or media company, both have opposing design styles.


You have the concept; the next stage is to develop a detailed drawing package and a comprehensive specification (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment optional but recommended) to take you from concept to tender and/or construction stage.  Having a complete design package is the only way to obtain a true budget and a level playing field for a competitive comparable tender.


Whether this be your own business standards, fire compliance, planning conditions, building control & British standards or CDM regulations, our team are up to speed to make sure your building is fully compliant.  We also partner with independent assessors and advisors to make sure the ‘I’s’ are dotted and ‘t’s’ crossed.

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